The Disability Specialists not only have a 99% success rate, but we also have a long history of satisfied clients.
Don’t take our word for it, though – read our client testimonials below:

  • Quality service and a caring attitude

    Attorneys Kevin Zietz and Todd T. Krauss are dedicated professionals who assisted me with my long-term disability claim. They offer value, quality service and most importantly, a caring attitude. When I first hired Mr. Zietz and Mr. Krauss, my claim had been denied by the insurance company under the "own occupation" definition of disability. At that time, I was forced to move overseas to be cared for by loved ones because my condition was not improving. Even though I was living abroad, they were able to get the insurance company to reserve the denial of my claim. When the definition of disability in my policy transitioned to the "any occupation” standard, the insurance company denied my claim for a second time. Through their tireless efforts, Mr. Zietz and Mr. Krauss were once again able to get the insurance company to reverse their denial of benefits. I highly recommend this team of attorneys and their staff to assist anyone with a denied disability benefits claim.

    - William C.

  • Knowledgeable, diligent and honest

    Todd and Kevin did a terrific job for me . I would have never received a penny from my insurer without their help and support. Despite having what I thought was a well documented claim my insurer rejected my claim outright. Only when I hired Todd and Kevin was any progress made. Todd and Kevin are very professional, very knowledgeable, diligent and honest. I would recommend them to anyone. My experience tells me if you are appealing your claim without a knowledgeable professional to navigate the process, you will very likely be unsuccessful. If I had not hired Todd and Kevin to help me I may have ended up on the street, I will be forever grateful to them and I cannot recommend them enough.

    - Shawn F.

    Canyon Country, CA
  • Caring and helpful

    From the first contact with Kevin and Todd, they worked directly with me to gain information about my case and guided me on every step of my litigation. I received constant updates via telephone calls and emails from them advising me of the current situation. They were very caring and helped through the entire process.

    At one point I was unable to find a provider for a second opinion and even though they worked in a different state, they were able to find a provider for a second opinion for me that was close by to help my case.

    I was more than happy with the settlement I received and it was more than I was expecting. Their compassion and patience shown to me every time I called for reassurance on my case really put me at ease. I would recommend Kevin and Todd to any of my friends of family that need help.

    - Kimberly J.

    Yuma, AZ
  • Thoughtful and Approachable

    Mr. Krauss and Mr. Zietz were extremely helpful and professional in working on my claim with the insurance company. They were thoughtful and approachable which made me feel comfortable during stressful times. I appreciate that they were thorough, effective and timely with all the details. They were able to help me get my benefits reinstated and I am extremely lucky and thankful.

    - Chau D.

    San Jose, CA